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Assessing the ‘risk and reward’ of property development can be stressful. As your development team, we will prepare you for success!

In addition to being experienced builders Claridge Construction has extensive experience in over 20 years of property development, for ourselves and external clients.

We are experienced in executing a multitude of development options including; title creation, investor owned new builds, commercial, residential joint ventures and of course residential sub-divisions.

Our full property development services manage each development project from start to finish and include;

Pre and Post Purchase Site Feasibility Studies
Project Design
Council Planning and Development Approvals
Site Surveying and Sub-Division
Pre-Sale and Resale Consultancy
Project Business Structure and JV Management
Project Financier Proposals

Our experience, transparency and clear communication will allow you to retain control, feel confident in the process and expect the best possible return on your investment.

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Feasibility Reports

Full Feasibility Reports Include:

  • Purchase Cost of Land
  • Council Zoning report and verbal council feedback
  • Planning and Design considerations
  • Subdivision costs and requirements
  • Holding Costs and Finance
  • Site Works and Services Requirements
  • Building Costs
  • Construction Time Schedule
  • Sales and Marketing

As property consultants, we prepare a full proposal for you to engage our experienced design and consultancy teams including planning consultants, conveyancers, subdivision experts, finance consultants and licensed real-estate professionals to help you better understand your project.

To determine whether you are on the correct path to a successful property development project or have simply discovered a difficult and potentially expensive hobby we invite you to give us a call.

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